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Magazines Brad Isham has written for include Virginia Sportsman, Africas Bowhunter, Africas Hunting Gazette, Trad Archers' World

African Hunting Gazette

Africa's premier hunting magazine.

From cover to cover  the AHG brings you everything you need to know about hunting the great continent of Africa.  From the southern tip of African to the northern reaches of Ethiopia, we go about pursuing our simple and unambiguous objective. Everything we do, be it the magazine we publish, or the marketing consulting we offer the outfitters, the African Hunting Shows we host, or the International Hunting expos we attend – it is for one reason - to promote hunting in Africa.

Trad Archer's World

A magazine dedicated to traditional and primitive bow making that also features how-to articles on making the traditional archery equipment.  The magazine is balanced with history, bowyers' interviews, hunting adventure stories and articles about having fun in the traditional archers' world.

Virginia Sportsman

A magazine for those who aspire to the genteel country life, The Virginia Sportsman conveys a distinctive lifestyle enjoyed by readers, not only in Virginia but around the country.  VAS articles cover topics such as fox hunting, sailing, shooting , fly fishing, conservation, art, architecture, country estates, gardens, food, wine and world-wide adventures. 

If you savor oiled wood on a shotgun stock, fine wine and gracious dining, the heft of a big Penn marlin reel, the ripple of muscular flanks on a thoroughbred hunter.
If your interests run to historic architecture, sporting arts and antiques and fascinating destinations.
If you love the land and are pledged to preserve it.
You can be a Virginia Sportsman no matter where you live.

Love the tradition, Live the life!

Links to Articles Published through Virginia Sportsman

Links to Articles Published through African Hunting Gazette

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