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frequently asked questions . . .

How is your last name pronounced?

the last name is English and is pronounced with a long I, [eye-shum].


What authors does Brad admire?

Brad loves the old classics from Ernest Hemingway, and Robert Ruark.  He also enjoys spiritual books by Dan Millman, Paulo Coelho, Elie Weisel, and Miguel Ruiz.



How do I get a book signed?

You may purchase The Sound of the String through the books website or (bought options are available through the "books" tab above.  From the books website there is an option to purchase through Paypal where you can specify an special signing requests.  The book will be shipped via US Mail after endorsing.  

You may also follow Brad's "Media/Events" to purchase a book at special appearances.

How do I book Brad for an event?

Please use the "Contact" button on this website to discuss your request.  All requests are read and will be responded too.

Are you currently working on another book?

Another book is being cogitated over. It has been started and is finding its sources and path.  The books title is Nine Deaths to Live




Does Brad read his emails?

Yes, all emails are read or given to Brad to be responded too.  He believes that there are boundless benefits to the perspectives of others.

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